4. Translation + Certification

If you need a certified translation in Italian or German, you have landed on the right page!

I am a publicly appointed and sworn translator for the German and Italian languages. My signature as a certified translator is on file at the Italian Consulate in Freiburg, as you can see in the list of certified translators available on their website in the database section – click on “Banche dati” or “Datenbanken” depending on which language you are browsing the website in.

If you need a certified translation (complete with official stamp), do not hesitate to contact me for a free and non-binding quote.

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If you are wondering what kind of documents usually require a certified translation, typically for Italian and German citizens, I have listed here below some of the most common cases:


If you have completed a degree course abroad and would like the Italian state to recognize it as a valid degree, you will need a precise and reliable translation into Italian of your degree certificate and possibly of other documents related to your studies. And it is crucial that such a translation be executed professionally by an officially recognized translator like me.
Having your degree officially recognized will open many doors for you, for example it will enable you to be eligible for working in the public administration. For more information about the recognition of school and university degrees, please visit this official page of the Italian Consulate (link in Italian).


If you wish to apply for Italian citizenship, you will need to provide a number of important documents, including a certificate of good conduct and its certified translation into Italian. As a sworn translator, I can translate all those important documents for you and certify them with my official stamp. For more information, please visit the corresponding page of the Italian Consulate (link in Italian).


For all notarial deeds, you must contact the notaries in Germany with a power of attorney in Italian. The German notary will certify your signature in German, which will then have to be translated into Italian by a sworn translator such as myself. Finally, as a translator of official documents, my signature will have to be legalized – that is, recognized – by the Italian consulate. If you entrust me with your notarial deeds, I will assist you along the entire process that I just described, including the legalization at the Italian Consulate. For more information about the notary system, please visit the relevant consulate website.


  • BIRTH: Parents of children born out of wedlock in Germany must provide the Italian Consulate with a certified translation of the maternity affidavit, the paternity affidavit and, if not already included in the latter, also the maternal consent to the paternity affidavit. For more info, please visit this consulate page.
  • MARRIAGE DECLARATION: If one of the spouses is not an Italian citizen, all the documents related to the marriage must be translated into Italian by a sworn translator such as myself. If you need more info about this, please visit the relevant page of the consulate.
  • DIVORCE: For divorce decrees pronounced before March 10th 2001, the certified translation of the final judgment is required. See this page of the consulate.

If you need the certified translation of a document for one of these or other similar cases, you have come to the right place! Get in touch for a free, non-binding quote. And don’t forget to send me your documents as PDFs, ideally via email. I will of course treat your data confidentially and assist you during the entire bureaucratic procedure.

+49 1573 761 1218