Sometimes translating juridical documents can be tough. Legal translator are always confronted with many aspects of the comparative law. They must know good enough the legal system of their target language in order to determine if in the target language there is an equivalent or semi-equivalent legal institution which can be applied to their translation.

For students, prospective legal translators or lateral entrants we offer trainings in Legal Language and Terminology. The lessons are held in Italian or German. In each module we compare the Italian, the German and the Swiss legal system. At the end of each course we provide some exercises; the solutions are always discussed during the following module.

You can book just one or more modules.


  1. Laws, land registers and standards
  2. Finance (AIA, FATCA, QI), leasing, Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law (SchKG), notary’s law
  3. Acts, data protection (EU-GDPR)
  4. Social insurance law
  5. GDPR’s Quiz
  6. The leasing contract
  7. General law terminology, the work contract
  8. Review and throw back
  9. The leasing contract
  10. Family law
  11. The Swiss Limited Company part I
  12. The Swiss Limited Company part II

Training Calendar:

   13/01/2021    Modules 6 and 9    Language: Italian

   14/01/2021    Modules 2 and 7    Language: Italian