1. Simple Translation

A simple translation is a translation service that does not include any external proofreading. This slim and quick package is particularly suitable for urgent projects where timing is the main concern of the client. This service also comes at a lower price because in this case only one linguist is involved.

As a specialized translator, I will translate your confidential texts with the utmost care and then I will proofread them myself before delivering them to you. The proofreading will take place in two steps: first on screen, focusing on possible omissions and on an adequate correspondence with the source language, then on paper, to make sure that the target text flows well and sounds natural.

Finally, I will send the finished translation directly to you, via email or via regular mail. In doing so, I will of course assure professionalism as well as safe handling of your data.

Do you need a simple translation without external proofreading? Then contact me for a free preliminary consultation or to request a non-binding quote. I look forward to getting to know you!