Professional Training

Legal translation can prove very complex. Legal translators are constantly confronted with the task of comparing different legal systems. They must know the legal system of the target language well enough to identify a legal institution with equivalent or approximately equivalent regulatory content in the target system.

For students and translators who wish to specialize in the legal field, I offer professional training courses in legal terminology. Classes are held in Italian or German. In each module, the Italian, German, and Swiss legal systems are compared. Each module also includes practical exercises to be discussed within the course.

The modules can also be booked separately.

  1. Laws, land registers and standards (120 min.)
    The Swiss legislative process. The Swiss land register. The ISO, EN, SN, SIA and DIN standards.
  2. Finance (AEOI, FATCA, QI), lease, Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law (SchKG), notary’s law (120 min.)
    The Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) and the Qualified Intermediary. The Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law. The notarial system.
  3. Acts, data protection (EU GDPR) (120 min.)
    Tips and tricks for the translation of deeds. Data protection in the European Union.
  4. Social security law (120 min.)
    Social security in Switzerland and Italy: the pillar system.
  5. GDPR Quiz (60 min.)
    Quiz and review about the EU General Data Protection Regulation.
  6. Lease (120 min.)
    The different types of lease and the lease contract.
  7. General law terminology, the employment contract (120 min.)
    Relevant legal terminology for legal translators. The Swiss employment contract.
  8. Review and practical exercise (60 min.)
    A review of the topics covered up to this point and a practical session.
  9. The lease contract (60 min.)
    Consolidation of terminology regarding the lease contract.
  10. Family law (60 min.)
    Sources of family law and specific terminology from the Swiss Civil Code.
  11. The Swiss Limited Company part I (60 min.)
  12. The Swiss Limited Company part II (60 min.)
    These last two modules focus on the structure of the Swiss Limited Company (SARL) and its legal terminology.

Contact me! I will give you more information about the professional training (modules, duration and requirements).

Course Calendar:

   13/01/2021    Modules 6 and 9    Language: Italian

   14/01/2021    Modules 2 and 7    Language: Italian


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