Thanks to our longstanding experience, we can translate about 1400-1800 words a day (estimation on an eight-hour working day). We are fast and flexible: you can reach us (almost) always, on Sundays and/or on holidays, too!

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Our priority is a transparent price politic: we have developed a price system, which is completely oriented to our clients.

To each new client we offer a discount as soon as we receive its first order. It is a pleasure to show our new clients that they can rely on high-quality language services.

Of course we offer the standard segmentation discounts for machine translations (CAT tools), too.

Normally we calculate the prices for the chosen language service per hour.

It should be noted that each working hour (e.g. for a simple translation) includes following additional activities:

  • Researches
  • Supplemental background information
  • Questions and/or inputs to/from the client
  • Proofreading

Each of these extra activities is essential for an excellent translation!

As the case may be we reserve the right to calculate express surcharges e.g. for orders within one or two hours or for activities, which have to be executed during the night or on holidays.

Contact us for a non-binding offer, free of charge!